Ah, its monday. First day of the working week. Lucky for me, and the rest of the kids located in the UK, I’m off school for another week. Yesterday was easter obviously, and I somehow managed to consume all of the easter eggs I recieved within the space of about 6 hours. May need to pop into the gym at somepoint…

Its a lovely sunny day, and I’m in my room at my computer posting a blog. Not the best thing to be doing on probably the nicest day the UK has seen this year, should probably be out somewhere, but hey.

Last night and the early hours of this morning I managed to watch half of season 2 of the Whitest Kids U’ Know. For those of you that dont know, TheĀ  Whitest Kids U’ Know is a very funny comedy broadcast on fuse and IFC. Living in England, I dont have access to either of these channels, so I managed to download seasons 1 and 2. Very funny and I recommend checking out some of their sketches on Youtube.

Hopefully in the next couple of days there will be a few changes happening to my blog. I’ll add extra things that you guys can do, etc. I need some feedback though, let me know what you wanna see and if you have any ideas on topics or anything, then drop me a line.


First Post…

New blog, what to write for a first post? While I ponder that, I might as well say something about myself and the point of this blog.

The point? There isnt one really. I enjoy writing, and what other way to express my thoughts than through an online blog that the world can see? Not quite the world yet, but hey, even if only one or two people are reading this its a result. I have no proper niche, so most of my posts will be on weird and wonderful things, or everyday things really… Just something I can keep updating about my life and what I find interesting about it.

Who am I? Well, as you’ve probably guessed my name is Sam. I have a few hobbies which I take pride in, I play guitar and have done for about 5 years now, I like to go fishing and technology and computers are one of my main interests. I have always wanted to own and run my own website, but my lack of website design knowledge and creativity when it comes to website content has held me back.

Speaking of website creation, last night I thought it would be a good idea to do some research on website niches. Obviously, the internet is a vast place with lots of information, and I was put off course and ended up finding out the best ways to make money online. I was intruiged by this site called Yuwie. http://www.yuwie.com/ is a social networking site, that pays its users to, well, do what you normally do on facebook and myspace, socialize with your friends. I had a look through their video FAQs and they told me that quite a bit of money could be made using yuwie. Getting hooked, I signed up. After spending a few minutes on there, getting used to interface and looking at all the features the site offers, I decided this was a cant be arsed situation and closed the web page. A lot of time and effort is needed to get 1000 views per month just to get 10% of the revenue sharing rate, which in the example is about 50cents. To get the best amount of money possible from yuwie, you also must invite friends, since you get a share of money from their views. Maybe like me, you have friends that you know really cant be bothered to go through all that effort. Therefore I gave up with the whole yuwie idea.

Howvever, if you like the sound of yuwie, then check it out at http://www.yuwie.com/

Probably not the most interesting first post ever, but at least I came up with something to write about! And, possibly gave you a little information on how to make a bit of money online without running a website, or maybe I kept you away from trying to make money online using other means and made you realise that probably the best way to make money would be to set up your own website using original content. Or just get a job, like normal people…

I will be updating my blog regularly, so keep an eye out. Also, leave me a comment or send me an email with some feedback and or suggestions. Any responses would be greatly appreciated.